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23 mayo, 2021

Microsoft has started releasing the latest version of Windows 10 to all users, that is, Windows 10 2004 o May 2020 Update. Similar to the November 2019 update, this is one focused on performance improvements and system quality of life rather than new features.

However, this does not mean that the new Windows 10 update do not include a few notable new features that make it worthwhile to install this version on your computer as soon as possible.

Reset Windows from the cloud, an optimized search, and dozens of improvements and small changes

Windows 10 Reset Cloud

There are not too many great news, but the most interesting are going to be quite useful. With Windows 10 May 2020 Update we can reset Windows 10 from the cloudIn other words, return the system to its original state without having to have a local copy of the operating system on a pendrive.

This will allow us reinstall the system without losing our files and settings using a cloud copy of Windows 10, unlike the current model which can only use local files and which usually fails more than a fairground shotgun when those files have been corrupted or missing.

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Search is another one that will also improve significantly with the May update. Not only they have optimized the excessive use of disk and CPU of the Windows finder, but now we can do quick searches on the web from Windows 10.

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That is, instant results with improved information and a new design on the weather, news, movies on the billboard, a day like today in history, etc. All directly in the search menu that we launch with the Windows key + S.

While these are server-side changes and have already begun to spread across previous versions of Windows 10, with this update Microsoft will expand them to all territories and most users.

Other new features include the ability to move the Cortana window anywhere on the desktop, more kaomojis ヾ (⌐ ■ _ ■) ノ ♪ in the Windows 10 emoji menu, new features for DirectX 12, game bar improvements with achievement counter and FPS, simpler ways to pair Bluetooth devices with the possibility of playing music from our smartphone on the PC speakers.

We can also rename virtual desktops, we will see GPU temperature information in the Task Manager, the notepad and calculator have been improved, the additional features page, and now the notifications offer more controls and a new settings page.

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The year of Linux on the Windows 10 desktop

Windows 10 Linux

And, finally, one of the most interesting features of the entire update is the arrival of the second version of the Windows subsystem for Linux: WSL 2. This novelty is something that brings us a real Linux kernel to live inside Windows 10.

WSL 2 uses a completely different architecture from the previous one, it brings support for ARM64 devices, the kernel can be updated through Windows Updatedevelopers will be able to access the Linux file system from the Windows file explorer.

Everything has been optimized to consume the least amount of resources possible, it is a non-traditional virtual machine that is managed and runs in the background. One that will also soon allow us to run Linux apps with a graphical interface.