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Thirteen House Sitting websites or how to get free accommodation around the world

26 mayo, 2021

Surely if you like to travel but you don’t have much money, you know some alternatives that allow you to do it without spending large amounts. A world in which independent bedroom rentals, the most traditional backpacking, workaway –small jobs in exchange for food and accommodation- and coach sourfing are posited as very interesting options. However. to these it is worth adding one more: the so-called House Sitting.

This practice is based on a simple principle: to offer your house and allow someone to stay in it in exchange for taking care of it. Indeed, without you being present. A exchange that it can also include pets and that, although a priori it may seem dangerous, it has more and more followers. So much so that today we collect up to 13 different pages where you can start it up.

Happy House Sitters

To begin with, Happy House Sitters is a portal designed both for those who want to offer their sweet home and for those who want to visit the homes of others. The platform, in fact, has a thousand houses located throughout the continent, a place where those who come with domestic animals and garden tasks, in addition to the work of maintenance of the usual domicile.

Likewise, it is a trustworthy and long-standing service whose origins date back to 1999. The site also has testimonials, a section of frequently asked questions and another that clarifies its operation, a section dedicated to the media and more. On the other hand, it should be noted that homeowners can use it free of charge, while those who want to stay for free can try it for a limited time or pay between $ 60 and $ 85.

Aussie House Sitters


Australian, Aussie House Sitters is a portal that connects homeowners and “house babysitters” quickly, easily and comfortably for all parties. You have both options: to register as a homeowner or to register as a caregiver. Both sections have an informative section with data on operation, cost, frequent questions and testimonials.

In any case, it is not the only thing it offers, but it includes specialized articles with the benefits for those who want to try either of the two roles, links of interest and associated sites, comments, usage statistics and more.

[##House Sitters America


House Sitters America]( mentions pets directly in their “cover letter”. A portal focused on the United States that, curiously, maintains a structure and icons very similar to the one that precedes it in this list, to such an extent that it is obvious that it is the same group that diversifies into different markets.

House guard


Another of the stars of our selection is House Guard, a website that goes a step further, since it is a professional agency “specialized in home security and pet care for travelers”. A intermediary who is in charge of selecting the different caregivers through a personal interview, the analysis of their references and others.

Also, all services are contractually agreed. A way of working that could destroy part of the essence of this type of experience but that offers greater guarantees. The page also has a blog that includes information on the terms of its service, among others.


“The win-win for traveling pet lovers”. This is how Trusted Housesitters is presented, a page with a very clear audience: travelers who adore animals and are willing to stay in places to take care of them. Obviously the web also offers us the opposite possibility.

Currently this community has more than 65 thousand members distributed by up to 151 countries around the world, most of which are in Europe. The platform also provides us with tourist information and a map on which to find addresses.


Screenshot 2016 08 12 At 1 41 14

MindMyHouse is another home-centric portal that connects homeowners and stakeholders and that works simply. In any case, it is not focused on any particular market, but works all over the world. It also includes statistics on the homes that are being loaned during the different sessions and the like.

It also has a Blog specialized with advice on the equipment of the house, the care of the house, the practical dilemmas that may arise during the stay, and so on. You will also find related news, testimonials and a community to send your questions to.

House Sitters UK

Screenshot 2016 08 12 At 2 11 19

With House Sitters UK it is exactly the same as with its aforementioned American and Australian analogues. Unlike the second, yes, it includes the animals in the agreement. The rest of the portal is practically identical: comments, testimonials, prices, icons, two options to become a sitter or a house lender, colors and buttons, and so on.

House Carers

Screenshot 2016 08 12 At 1 53 05

House Carers is another of our favorites. It includes houses located in multiple corners of the map and has a search engine integrated by location, username and date. Registering is fully gratuitous.

In addition, the page has help sections, specifically for cat and dog kangaroos, information on fraud and other useful and very complete services that, in a way, the they differentiate from other competitors.


Screenshot 2016 08 12 At 2 10 36

On the other hand, and although it does not appear in its initial description, Nomador is another home and pet care site in the same package. Just look at the photos to find out. In it you will find more than 4,300 homes scattered throughout the geography of the globe.

Some lodgings that are made available to the traveler on the front page of the web and that include a photograph, dates of availability and name of the host. The site integrates a search engine by filters of city, region, country, date, period or season. Very agile, comfortable and free for everyone involved.

Kiwi House Sitters


Also Australian (as you may have been able to from its name, which honors the cute little animal), Kiwi House Sitters is another page that has the style of House Sitters UK and others included in this group. Obviously it is focused on this continent, so that the owners of the houses belong to it.

Luxury House Sitting


Luxury House Sitting, for its part, and as its name suggests, is focused on those who want to share (or go to) a house with characteristics that make it a bit more luxurious than usual. Probably the reason why the owners do not have to pay any amount to enroll in this service while the “babysitters” need to pay 25 dollars. A basically symbolic quantity but which acts as an initial sieve and filter.

In any case, this registration is not necessary when browsing the page, structured in “find a babysitter”, “assigned houses”, “about the site”, “frequently asked questions”, “contact” and “registration”. The second of them is of special interest, since it is a map of the owners registered on the platform, the highest concentration of which is found in North America.

House Sitting Magazine


We cannot stop talking about House Sitting Magazine either, which, in addition to a similar website to the previous ones, offers us an app compatible with Android and iOS devices. A online magazine in which you will have the possibility to find all kinds of information about this world, read specialized articles, contact different owners, and so on. In Spain we only have three addresses.

In addition, the mobile interface is also very intuitive and easy to use. This page also includes lifestyle tips, pet information, travel tips, and more on earning money. If you are interested, just enter your email to subscribe.



Finally, Laguiadelhousesitting describes itself as the definitive guide to house sitting in Spanish. A portal in which, although you will not find owners, you will find very useful information when it comes to becoming the perfect traveler or host. Their mottos “Discover how to travel for free around the world taking care of houses” and “Make yourself at home anywhere in the world ”describe their philosophy very well.

However, it is a paid manual -it is possible to purchase it for about $ 8-, although you can download the first part for free. In any case, it has more than 100 pages, two downloadable checklists for you to enjoy the trip, tips and advice for traveling on a low budget, and three interviews to renowned travelers.

Decalogue of the good House Sitter

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Obviously, in order to enjoy this type of experience, you must meet a series of requirements that, honestly and taking into account that you are going to get into the house of a stranger, result from pure logic. But let’s specify:

Do not think about it as a bargain but as an experience and a responsibility.

– Quickly answer the owners’ questions and be open and committed.

– Try to get recommendations and the like.

– Be honest.

– Be grateful.

– Treat the house with the utmost respect: return it to the owners even in better condition.

– Treat the animals like your own pets and find out in advance of their needs.

– Buy some detail when you leave.

– Make moderate use of heating and air conditioning.

– Make sure you have the telephone or means of contact with the owners at hand.

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