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This app converts the TOF sensor of the mobile into a night vision camera

23 mayo, 2021

TOF sensors are fashionable in the most premium mobiles, being a super-fast system to calculate depth and focus, with other more mundane applications such as scanning 3D objects, but what we did not know is that served as night vision, so so.

This is possible by installing the free Night Vision / ToF Viewer app, available on Google Play. This app uses the Android Camera2 API to get the TOF sensor data and represent them with a kind of Predator vision. We have tested it, and it works.

Some kind of mix of Terminator and Predator

The application has two main requirements: that your mobile has TOF sensor and including support for Android’s Camera2 API. The first thing you probably know because it is one of the most outstanding specifications, although the second is not so common.

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Taking into account that the easiest way to test if your mobile supports Camera2 API is to install an app like Camera2 API Probe to test, you can almost save the step and install Night Vision / TOF Viewer directly. If not supported, it won’t work or directly it will not let you install it from Google Play.

The app itself is extremely simple, to the point that you don’t need to do anything and you only have one option: resolution. In our test on a Huawei P30 Pro only two resolutions were available: 240 x 180 and 20 x 15.


This low resolution gives the image a certain tone of Pixel art, accentuated by the use of color to the thermal camera. Even with everything, the result is quite good, considering that the previous photos have been taken in complete darkness. The colors, by the way, are not random. Red represents depth information, green represents “trusted” information, and blue represents edge detection.

Night Vision / ToF Viewer

Night Vision / ToF Viewer