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This app lets you change the color, position, transparency and style of the Windows 10 taskbar almost as if it were a dock

26 mayo, 2021

Its name is TaskbarX and it is a small application for Windows 10 that allows us to customize the taskbar in great detail. Its main function is to offer control over the position of the bar icons, but it is not the only one that has.

Initially TaskbarX had another name and it only served to automatically center the taskbar icons in Windows 10, now it leaves us change the color for whatever we want, adjust the level of transparency, choose between different styles, and even animations.

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How to use TaskbarX

TaskbarX offers several download options, the portable version in a Zip file that does not require installation and is free, and also a version available in the Microsoft Store for only one euro and that allows us to collaborate with the project if we want. And it is also offered as a Rainmeter skin.

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Run Configuration

Folder with all the TaskbarX files once the zip has been unzipped

If you choose the portable and free option, you will only have to unzip the Zip file in a folder of your choice and run first TaskbarX Configurator.exe double-clicking on the file to open the application’s configuration panel:

Taskbarx Configuration

Once you run the configuration you can go on to customize your bar. From the “Style” section, you can choose from six different styles. The first is the default appearance, then you have completely transparent, transparent with gradient, opaque, blur and acrylic.

The last two are quite similar, except that acrylic is more of the “material acrylic” style that Microsoft has been implementing in Fluent transparencies more recently. Below you can choose the exact color you want to use for the bar, either solid or gradient.



When you have chosen everything, you must click Apply to apply the changes. In the animation tab you can choose the style of the animation, and its speed, as well as preview. This animation is what happens every time you start the program and the icons are centered.

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The position section allows you to adjust the spacing between the primary and secondary bar, very useful if you have multiple monitors. It also lets you choose if you want it to be automatically centered or not, and it lets you remove or not the option that the centering takes into account the tray with the clock and date.

Multiple Monitors Multiple Bars

Multiple monitors, multiple custom taskbars

If at any time the app stops working you just have to run Taskbar.exe from the application folder to apply the new icon centering. TaskbarX offers some extra options that you will have to play with to see if they interest you.

The Microsoft Store version offers some windows, such as the fact that it is installed on disk and adds an icon to the notification area from where you can access the settings immediately, deactivate TaskbarX or restart it.