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This artificial intelligence meme generator hits the spot more times than we’d imagine

27 mayo, 2021

We are all clear that to create a good meme you have to have a special talent. Just as not everyone can make jokes that truly lead to laughter, not all of us have the wit always ready to put together the ultimate meme. It is so and it must be admitted.

However, technology can once again come to our aid. And, specifically, a deep neural network fueled by close to a million example memes. Specifically, with 20,000 examples of memes of each of the 48 most popular meme templates of the Imgflip generator. The result can really surprise you: This Meme Does Not Exist.

This artificial intelligence capable of creating meme based on 48 famous templates has been fed with close to a million examples

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Really, this is not a meme

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This Meme Does Not Exist, whose development work is explained in depth in this publication, refers by name to so many other projects that have used some technique from the field of artificial intelligence, such as This Cat Does Not Exist, which tries to create new images from others .

In the case of this generator, taking into account that the templates are given, what matters is the text and the combinations it generates. Taking into account the idiosyncrasy of each meme from the thousands of example memes with which its algorithm has been fed, it gives shape to new creations that in many cases do not make any sense but, in others, they practically make your head explode as many have already verified.

This animation shows the evolution of the best memes of the decade, and makes it clear how much they have changed

Using the generator is as simple as accessing the service, selecting a template, conditioning the text to be used with a term or not, and generate a new meme. On many occasions, as we say, clearly something does not fit, but even so the results we get (always in English) have their magic. A curious experiment, to say the least.