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This cool extension helps you learn a language while watching Netflix

27 mayo, 2021

Learning Languages ​​with Netflix (LLN) or “learning languages ​​with Netflix“is the name of an excellent extension for Chrome that helps us learn a new language in one of the most fun and efficient ways possible: by watching television.

Once installed, this extension will give new functions to your Netflix player from the browser, that is, now when you start an episode of a series or a movie, you will have the option to translate all subtitles in real time.

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The first thing you have to do is activate the Netflix subtitles in the language you want to study, for example, in English, and activate the LLN subtitles in your language. This will make the bottom in addition to watching Netflix subtitles, watch the simultaneous translation in Spanish.

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Simultaneous translation in multiple languages, slow playback and instant replays

Learn Netflix Language

Besides the simple translation available in a huge number of languages, the extension offers you various extras. You have the ability to use keyboard shortcuts such as the arrow keys to immediately return to the previous phrase and see how it repeats on the screen.

This is a great way to learn to relate how something is heard versus how it is read, in addition to learning what it means. Apart from this you have the option to configure your “level”, that is, you can make the extension highlight only the less common words so that you can focus on those.

You can even slow down the video playback speed to 0.8x when subtitles are active to make it easier to understand. You have the option of viewing machine or human translated subtitles, or both at the same time.


The extension is not perfect, it usually gives some errors, and at the moment only human translation has worked for us, but that works quite well.

Listening to movies in other languages ​​is something that helps us a lot to understand the same, this extension makes the process even easier with additional help if it is something that interests us.

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