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This extension allows you to search YouTube videos as if they were documents

27 mayo, 2021

Although we are currently living in an era in which podcasts proliferate, the truth is that on YouTube there are also full length videos in which several people talk for a long time.

For these situations it may be ideal to use ‘Video Search for YouTube’, an extension for Google Chrome that will allow us to search “by text in any video” on the platform. With this tool we can save a lot of time, looking for the exact moment in which they are talking about a certain topic.

Save time searching for the exact moment

Once we have installed it we will have to go to a YouTube video to be able to see it in action. At the bottom of the video, right next to where the button to activate the subtitles appears, we will find an icon in the shape of a magnifying glass.

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The truth is It works very well, and once we press the button we will see that a translucent bar appears in which to enter any search. When we write the term we want, it will show us the complete sentence and in what exact minute of the video we will find it.

With this application for Windows, Linux or macOS you can download YouTube videos easily and in batch

If we click, automatically will take us to the moment when they said the word or phrase we were looking for. Obviously, this extension will be more useful in certain types of videos (we imagine that in video clips it is less attractive).

For example, it will be great if we are watching an interview, a videpodcast or a talk It lasts more than an hour and we are only interested in knowing if they talked about a certain topic. In a few seconds we will know if they mention it in the whole video and it will take us directly to that moment.