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This extension allows you to share your Netflix account or any subscription service without them knowing your password

27 mayo, 2021

In September of last year we learned about the existence of DoNotPay, a service that proclaimed itself as “the first Robo-Lawyer in the world”. This app promised cancel subscriptions automatically once the free trial month is over.

Now they return with a new product, which allows us share subscriptions to Netflix, Spotify or similar services without having to show passwords to people who will use our accounts.

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With one click you can cancel access again

To do this, it will be necessary to install an extension for Google Chrome, and from here generate the links so that other people can access our subscription services.

Instead of sharing the actual password, DoNotPay use cookies to transfer your browsing session other users’ computers, effectively fooling services like Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime.

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Once we have installed the extension, simply click on the icon that appears at the top of the browser and press “generate link”, in order to obtain a link that we can share or specify the email address that we want to receive.

When the other person clicks on the link, they will automatically appear logged into the service. They will have no way of seeing your password. Joshua Browder, creator of this service, states that there is no limit of people or times that we can share this link.

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Of course, we have to take into account that many services have a limit on the number of devices that can be playing the content simultaneously. Browder is against the proliferation of streaming platforms, and that currently you have to pay too many subscriptions to access so much exclusive content:

“It’s ridiculous. You shouldn’t pay $ 100 a month to access something you previously had for less money.”

Another fact to keep in mind is that DoNotPay has implemented a type of restriction of its own: Each subscription can only be shared with a maximum of five people. The creator of this extension ensures that “if you share it with more than five people, it is probably not legitimate.”

The truth is it is quite common for friends and family to share passwords access to streaming content platforms, and the best proof is that in recent years we have seen more companies and technologies appear that seek to end this practice.

Browder states that “If someone stops being your friend, they shouldn’t have your password”. He assures that his product is a “much safer” option. And it is that at any time we can revoke access to one of the links / services without having to change the password.

“The best thing about these cookies is that you are in control, so with a single click you can disable the cookie and prevent it from working.”

It can be a good solution for those groups of family and friends who want to access different streaming services without having to pay several times for each of them. Obviously, there are some downsides, and it will be necessary to access from Chrome with the extension installed (does not work on mobile apps or televisions, although they can be cast using Chromecast).