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This extension for Chrome allows you to inspect or edit elements just by hovering the mouse.

27 mayo, 2021

Many times you are browsing a web page and you need to click on the “inspect” button to see certain elements that compose it, something that can be very useful in many circumstances.

Hoverify is an extension for Google Chrome which makes this process much easier and more comfortable, since it will not be necessary to enter this mode and you will only have to pass the cursor over the element you want to inspect.

Comfort and many options

The person in charge of this extension is Himanshu Mishra, an independent developer who lives in India. He has spent six months working on shaping this tool, and now it is possible to install it in our browser.

In addition to being able to inspect the elements that make up the web, thanks to Hoverify we can edit CSS and HTML attributes in real time. We can, for example, hide or eliminate certain parts of a website (as you can see in the video below):

It also allows us copy styles just by pressing the space bar or the letter “C”. In addition, it is possible to quickly search for elements by labels or classes, choose image colors or take screenshots with a simple click.

Hoverify Make Your Web Design Experience Smoother

Obviously, this extension it can be super useful and save a lot of time for (for example) programmers or web designers. In fact, many of them have been using the previous versions for months, and they assure that it is a great product and that it makes their work much easier.

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Yes indeed, to be able to use Hoverify, you will have to go to checkout. It has a price of 10 dollars, although currently (due to the launch) there is an offer and you can get it for seven dollars. This extension is compatible with Chrome, Brave, and other Chromium-based browsers.