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This free app lets you create a synced Bullet Journal

24 mayo, 2021

If you are a person who likes productivity and personal organization, you have surely heard of the ‘Bullet Journal’ (aka “Bujo”). If you do not know it, it is a method (usually analog) to keep your tasks, events and notes up to date in one place.

This method was developed by Ryder Caroll a few years ago, and over time it has grown in popularity. In fact, it appears several times in the list of good resolutions for 2020 created by the editors of Engadget.

Free and with a minimalist design

Although, as I said, it is normally carried out using pen and paper, there are more and more digital solutions that allow you to have a synchronized Bullet Journal, in which it is not necessary to waste paper or carry a notebook.

This is the case of ‘Bullet’, a new free app which is inspired by the Bullet Journal method so that we can always keep an eye on the tasks that we have to carry out every day.

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The design couldn’t be more minimalist, since the whole web is in black and white and without any type of images. Once we have created the account, we will see an empty canvas in which we can navigate between the tasks of the day, the week and the month.

Window And Bullet Bullet Journal App

In both the week and month view we can establish a series of goals that we want to meet, to always keep them in mind and carry them out at a specific time.

Every time we create an entry we can specify if it is an event, a note or a task. In addition to giving it a title, it is possible to indicate if it is a specific entry or if it is repeated annually or monthly.

Bullet Bullet Journal App

An important point is that a button appears at the bottom of the panel to create entries to display in month view. In this way, at a simple glance you will be able to know what important tasks or events are coming in the next few days.

Obviously, we can go forward or backward weeks and months to program what we have in the near future or to remember what we have done in the past. Here, it would be appreciated to have a search engine, and we hope they end up integrating it.

Bullet is an application that has just come out, and its creator assures that they plan to add many functionalities to it, so it will be interesting not to lose sight of it to see how it evolves.