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this free course teaches you how to program classic video games

26 mayo, 2021

The folks at freeCodeCamp, one of the most well-known non-profit organizations for teach programming for free to thousands of people online, he just launched a new video course on his YouTube channel.

The course in question (in English only) will help you learn python, one of the most popular, demanded and versatile languages ​​that exist, through the programming of five classic video games such as Pong, Snake and Tetris.

Learn by creating

If you are one of those who learn best by doing and not just listening to a class and taking notes, this course is created for you. Through the seven hours of video you are going to learn how to build your own Pong, Snake, Connect Four, Tetris and a simple multiplayer game.

You don’t need previous programming experience to learn in this course. However, they explain that it would be useful for you if you already know the most basic concepts of programming since throughout the course the basic syntax instructions are skipped and directly to build the project.

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The teachers will help you understand each line of code written throughout the project, you will use the command line, you will learn how to use Pygame, and also turtle.

Inside the description of the video on YouTube you have access to the code of each game, sound files, and additional tutorials to learn Python or Pygame syntax.