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This interactive map calculates the population according to the shape you draw

26 mayo, 2021

NASA has created ‘The Population Estimation’, a web tool with which to estimate the population in a defined area. Best of all, it is a free web app that anyone can try.

As soon as we enter, we see a world map with cold colors. At a quick glance, we can see which areas are more populated than others. The most unpopulated ones appear in light color, and in the darkest most of the inhabitants are concentrated.

Window Y Sedac S Population Estimation Tools 2

It also allows us to know the km2

On the left there is a menu with which we can zoom in or out, and two buttons with which to draw shapes: polygonal or circular. So we can choose on which areas we want to calculate the population.

For example, I have tried to check how many inhabitants there are in the area of ​​the Rías Baixas in Galicia. As can be seen in the image below, in addition to reporting the number of inhabitants, it also estimates the square kilometers of the specified area.

Window Y Sedac S Population Estimation Tools

We can create shapes that span entire countries, or zoom in and specify a very specific area. Below we will see two icons that serve to modify or eliminate the strokes that we have made.

Finally, they have placed a magnifying glass with which we can choose a location or address. The truth is that it works very fast, since with a couple of clicks we can find out the population of the area we want.

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