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This interactive map reveals the time zones, when the time changes occur and other interesting information

22 mayo, 2021

This Sunday October 25 we have changed the time in Spain: at 3 in the morning it has returned to 2 o’clock. That means that in theory we have slept one more hour, if we have woken up at the usual time, and that from now on it will dawn and dusk earlier.

And of course that we have left summer time behind.

This interactive map allows us to navigate through the time zones, the live time of the different countries and discover, for example, if one is still in summer time

The time change has occurred in Spain and other European countries. Also in North America they change the time soon, but there are many other countries in the world, most of South America, Central America, Africa and Asia, that do not touch their watches and, therefore, its time does not vary.

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Discovering the time zones and the time change

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To deal with time changes, time zones and other practical information about the time and calendar anywhere in the world we have a fantastic tool, the interactive map from, the Time Zone Map.

This time zone map allows us to see at a glance the different time zones of the world —That is, to see each one of the twenty-four areas in which the Earth is divided and in which the same schedule governs — and, by positioning the mouse, to know the particularities of the capitals and other important cities of the countries.

Select an area of ​​the world and this website will show you a list with old maps of that area

For example, if we place the cursor over the red point that represents a city we can see what time it is at that moment, what day and if it is, for example, in summer time because the letters “DST” will appear, the acronym in English of this schedule that the States establish during the summer season with the intention of saving energy.

In addition, if we click, we will access a dedicated page in which we will be able to know other data such as when the mentioned summer time begins and ends, when the sun sets and rises, how long the day lasts or in what phase the moon is.