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This interactive map shows which are the happiest countries on the planet

27 mayo, 2021

Happy Planet Index is a great platform where we can check in which countries the happiness index is higher and in which it is conspicuous by its absence. Interestingly, we will see that the richest countries are not the top of the list, showing that money is not synonymous with happiness.


Upon entering this platform, we will see an interactive map in which the planet appears divided into colors. Green is synonymous with happiness, while red means the opposite.

Window And Happy Planet Index

By clicking on each of them we can obtain more information: find out its position in the global ranking, its happiness index (HPI) and we will find a button that will detail more interesting data about this territory.

Window Y Spain Happy Planet Index

As we can see, it tells us what the life expectancy is compared to other countries, its ecological footprint or its “well-being”. If we go back to the world map, in the upper left we will see four rounded icons. If we click on the one in the form of a list, we can see the complete ranking with the 140 countries.

Costa Rica: the happiest country on the planet

Costa Rica rises with the first place, closely followed by Mexico and Colombia. It is striking that in the first positions there are many Latin American countries, while Spain appears in the 15th position.

The United States is at the bottom of the table: 108 out of 140.

Window And Happy Planet Index 2

If we look to the United States, we will have to go down to 108th place. The bottom three places are held by Togo, Luxembourg and Chad. If we want to know more about this study, we can access this web page full of interesting data.

To finish, we leave a TED Talk hosted by Nic MarksWho wonders why we measure the success of a nation by productivity, rather than by the happiness and well-being of its people.

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