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this is how it is used to find all our files faster

27 mayo, 2021

The whatsapp search it has never been known for its functionalities. He just searched for a certain term in the chats and, most of the time, it took him much longer than he wanted. Something that just changed.

After appearing in the Android beta, the new WhatsApp search has reached all users bringing us quite a lot of news.

New options that place it at a level difficult to imagine not too long ago thanks to the fact that we can refine our searches by type of content, contact or keywords. For now these new features have only reached mobile applications; web and desktop applications seem like they will have to wait a while.

The new WhatsApp search, which has substantially improved its speed, incorporates filters to search by file type and even by contact


How to use the new WhatsApp search

New WhatsApp search

The tags to filter searches by content type.

The purpose of the new WhatsApp search is to make it simple. That finding a certain file, link or conversation is easy and agile. And not a torture similar to what we were used to until now.

To use it, just go to the main screen of the application and click on the magnifying glass icon. Now we see both the text box in which we can write the text of our search and some labels that will allow us to filter. We can refine the search by filtering messages linked to photos, videos, links, gifs, audios or documents just by selecting the tags.

In addition to this search for a text linked or not to a type of file or link, the new options allow us to simply select one of the labels, for example Videos, and instantly see all that we have in our conversations. Once there, we can navigate through them or include a text in the search bar.

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New WhatsApp search

If we start typing the name of a contact, we can select ‘Messages from …’ to only search their conversations for a particular text and / or file type thanks to the new tags.

Another possibility, apart from the two mentioned, is carry out a search limited to a particular contact.

It works whether we do a traditional text-only search or use the tags; You just have to start writing the name of the person in question, as we have it saved in our contact list, and a label will appear with the same one that we will have to select.

Really, the new WhatsApp search substantially improves the user experience. It allows you to refine your searches a lot, save time thanks to the various types of filter it incorporates and, also, thanks to the fact that search times have been substantially shortened, accessing the information we are looking for in practically seconds.