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This is how PayPal Me works, the solution to pay debts with your friends

22 mayo, 2021

A new payment service has arrived in town. PayPal wants get closer to the day-to-day life of users and for this, it launches PayPal Me, the company’s simplest service to transfer money between users. With a single click we can send money without having to configure each of the options available in the traditional service in detail. A simple, clear and concise way to be able to send / receive small amounts of money.

As reported by the company itself, all over the world adults owe more than $ 51 billion in small debts with friends and family. That kind of debt that we hardly ever pay for not wearing anything loose. PayPal seeks to fill this gap with a very simple philosophy: direct and fast person-to-person payments.

One of the handicaps that PayPal has always had is the distance from its users. It is clear that with its 165 million of these (according to data from 2015), it is in perfect shape but to date it did not have any mobile application capable of rivaling services such as Yaap Money or Google wallet that offered similar services.

How to configure our profile

PayPal Me is available in more than 18 countries, including Spain but without going through Latin America (for the moment). In order to use the service, either to receive or make payments, we will need an active and fully configured PayPal account. Once we have completed this step, we will only have to go to the website to register our own profile.

PayPal works for me with a custom url that we can send to other users:

It is important to note that the service works based on profiles with custom url. That is, each of us will be given the possibility to choose a link with the username we want. In my case that I can send to anyone who owes me a payment to do it.

This link also serves to include the specific amount that we want to be paid. For example, if is included in the same url, the person who clicks on this link will automatically be able to pay the user in question that amount exactly. The profile differentiates between an individual for payments between friends and family with respect to the business user, to which it applies the same rules as the normal version of the service.

Paypal Me - Profile Settings

The rest of the profile setup is extremely simple. The web, what works in any browser whether mobile or desktop, it will only allow us to choose one profile picture (if we do not already have one in PayPal) and a color for the central banner among which the service already has predefined. Do not worry if you decide to change any of these parameters later, once we have the account we can configure it as many times as we want except the profile name.

Make and receive payments through PayPal Me

With the profile already made and our personalized link, we will only have to copy and paste it wherever we want that is visible: from our profile on social networks to our friends so that they pay us for the last night of partying. As simple as that. All transactions in our favor will be registered in our PayPal account in the same way as in the traditional way.

When making payments, the system works in reverse. We will have to access the link that one of our friends, family or company will have sent us. First of all we will have to choose the payment amount as well as the currency among all those that PayPal has. Of course, the company will tell us the payment rates with which it works: free if you have a balance in your account or have an associated bank account in euros; reduced traditional PayPal fees if you have a credit or debit card.

Paypal Me - Send money

Additionally, we can select a simple observation in text for the person who receives the payment as well as mark the option that we are making a payment for a product / service. This option will be enabled if the recipient of the payment has configured their account as Personal but we know that it is an error and we want PayPal to cover the buyer protection.