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This is how the new icons for Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Meet are

26 mayo, 2021

Google Workspace has arrived, which is still a new way of calling the (now) old G Suite for Business from the Mountain View company. And with the new landing, Google designers have taken the opportunity to take another step in the remodeling of their image, something that started a long time ago with the new icon that came to Photos, its photo storage service in the cloud.

With the new Google Workspace come new features and new pricing plans, starting at 5.20 euros per user and month in the Business Starter plan and ending at 15.60 euros per user and month in the Business Plus. But the most striking thing is that a new image arrives, new icons for Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Meet. And we will have those everywhere, including mobile apps.

Google Workspace changes the face of Google services

As we say, the reshaping of the image of Google services began a long time ago. It was June when the Google team presented the new image of Google Photos. The icon of the windmill was simplified and almost completely abandoned straight lines. Google also took the opportunity to give a coat of paint to mobile apps, something similar to what has happened now with its business ecosystem, although we will have the new icons everywhere.

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With the advent of Google Workspace, major Google services receive a new, more unified look. Now we have thick borders with company colors (blue, green and yellow) overlapping at the corners and crosses. Icons that are quite far from what we had so far in these apps but that are, without a doubt, much more homogeneous.

Google Workspace

Google therefore presents a new icon for Gmail, its famous e-mail service, which is still the original M although the envelope from its beginnings is already being lost from sight. Google Meet, its call service, also debuts a new icon in the shape of a video camera and Calendar It does the same, keeping the 31 so characteristic that it carried inside.

Google Drive bets on the same concept but changing the colors, so the original triangle is respected. And of course, changing Drive changes the Google office suite in the cloud. Have new icon for Google Docs. It will be a matter of hours or days for the apps to adopt the new look, so prepare for a bit of bewilderment when these apps are updated. Like all changes at this level, it will take a while to get used to it.