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This is how the new voice of Google Maps sounds

25 mayo, 2021

Google maps finally stop talking like a robot. The company has announced on Twitter a future update in the application, which will have as its main novelty a change in the female voice of Maps. No dates have been given, but it has been shown how this new voice will be, much more fluid and “humanized”.

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Finally a new voice for Google Maps

Google Maps, although it has gradually improved its voice directions, has stayed away from, for example, Google Assistant itself, that has a more natural tone in speech, more similar to what we would find in a conversation with a human. From the Google Twitter account they wanted to show how the new voice of Google Maps will sound in Spanish.

The voice, pitch and cadence of the female voice in Google Maps has been changed. The vowels no longer lengthen and everything is now much more “human”

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The voice, tone and cadence with which words are spoken have been changed. Final vowels are no longer lengthened (turn at roundabout aaaaaa), which allows the instructions to be even clearer, less obtrusive and faster.

At the moment, Google has not given dates or more details. Nevertheless, ensures that this new voice will arrive in a future update, so it should not take too long to start enjoying this new voice model in the Google Maps application.