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this is how the options remain after the last changes

24 mayo, 2021

On Spotify they know a lot about streaming music but there is another thing they must learn: to make announcements and explain their changes. Since yesterday’s presentation everything has been a bit chaotic, with news reaching us by droppers and with unclear explanations. That is why in Genbeta we have made a summary that clarifies all the doubts that you have been raising in the comments.

Below we offer you a complete table that explains what will be available from Spotify Free and what can be done with Spotify Premium. Spotify Unlimited, as we said yesterday, disappears from the equation by eliminating the previous limits. What are the differences of Spotify Premium and Spotify Free for mobile? Here you can see them:

Spotify plans

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Spotify Shuffle, Spotify radio

As you can see in the table, while on tablets the free version of Spotify will let you use the application in an unlimited way in exchange for advertising, on mobile phones you will not be able to listen to a specific song. What the user will be able to listen to are their lists or all the songs of a certain artist, as a radio. That is, Spotify Free for mobile does not allow access to music on demand.

Spotify Shuffle is a kind of custom radio that will play songs randomly. If you don’t like one, you can skip it though only a maximum of 6 songs can be skipped every hour. What if you opt for the picaresque and make lists with few items to be able to listen to your favorites more frequently? In that case, Spotify will fill your lists of less than 12 songs with others that they consider recommended for you.

Spotify Unlimited disappears

Until now, free Spotify users on desktop had a limitation of music playback: at most, they could only be listened to 10 hours. Yesterday they took advantage of the changes to remove this restriction. Now you can listen to all the music you want on your computer. Of course, with ads.

Spotify Unlimited, a plan that cost 4.99 euros and that precisely served to listen to music without time limitations and without advertising, disappears from the equation. The options then are Spotify Free (free and with advertising) or Spotify Premium (pay 9.99 and without advertising). It is not yet very clear what will happen to current Spotify Unlimited users.

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