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This is how the Tinder rival works in which it is linked without making a match

23 mayo, 2021

Facebook Dating, Facebook’s Tinder, has just arrived in Spain under the name of Facebook Couples. The company’s dating service was launched last year in the United States, and our colleagues from Engadget Mobile were already able to test it on their landing in Thailand. The service stands out for its DRM protection, which means that, unlike what happens in other applications, it is not possible to take screenshots or video captures of the interface with the smartphone tools.

Facebook Couples has already produced 1.5 billion matches or pairings in the 20 countries where it is available, but it does not work by sliding the profiles that attract us, but with suggestions from the social network based on what we have told in our profiles. Instead of having to do match To be able to talk to someone, Facebook Couples will allow us to talk with the suggestions that the application gives us, and once we indicate that we like someone, the other person will be able to see it and say whether or not they like it.

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Facebook Couples is both more and less private than Tinder

Facebook Dating

In line with the aforementioned, Facebook Couples is a privacy-wary platform in the sense of preventing captures from being shared on social networks with the ease that is done with Tinder, so it can be considered more private. Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg’s company claims that our “Facebook Couples profile and conversations will not be shared with anyone outside of Couples “.

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Furthermore, Facebook ensures that it will not inform our contacts outside of Dating that we have joined Dating. In fact, they claim that “Anyone who joins Couples will be able to see your Couples profile, except if it is part of your Facebook friends list or is blocked“, which makes things remain between us and strangers.

However, this point has an asterisk, and it is that the function ‘Secret passion‘, which allows you to “select up to nine of your Facebook friends or Instagram followers that you are interested in.” Thus, “if the person you have chosen adds you to his list of secret passions too, there is a coincidence!” It is the closest thing to match that exists.

Facebook Dating 1

On the other hand, It is less private than Tinder, because it encourages what we mentioned that you can talk with other suggested users without having had a match with them. And on the other hand, we can suggest friends of friends. To flirt we will have to talk, and we can consult photo galleries of other people, as well as questionnaires that are made to us on the platform. The stories that reign on Instagram and Snapchat will also be present (of course).

To activate Facebook Couples, all we have to do is enter the “Couples” option of the latest update of the application on iOS and Android. From there they will ask us