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This is how they are posting full movies on YouTube without Google detecting copyright infringement

23 mayo, 2021

Any Internet user who dedicates efforts to watch movies unofficially will know that find them on YouTube It is a more direct alternative to downloading them from a P2P network, but the video portal spends a lot of effort in locating these movies and eliminating them as soon as possible thanks to algorithms that detect the images of those movies.

But after the law, the trap is made: many of those who upload videos have applied techniques such as making the film smaller and placing images in the margins, or uploading it inverted as if we were looking at it from a mirror, or cutting it by sacrificing part of the frame. YouTube detects more and more of these tricks, so now the latest fashion to avoid erasure is to “veil” the image of the film.

Two examples: in the header image you have a video of the film Treasure planet It has a white circular gradient to fool YouTube algorithms. And just below, you have another screenshot of the film Robots in which that circular gradient is black. It works both ways, but viewing quality is sacrificed. It is as if we were watching a movie suffering from cataracts:

Black Veiled Video

Here’s another video that exemplifies those practices: Fragments of the anime Bleach, with the logo in the images and the video very discreetly accelerated to circumvent detections:

Accelerated Video

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Comfort at the cost of quality

It all depends, once again, on whether the user wants something more comfortable or something more good. Y YouTube seems to have become the flagship of that convenience in which quality is lost, with songs that are uploaded for those who do not want to listen to Spotify ads or download high-quality MP3 files; or these movies with degraded image.

It’s the same old race: New ways to circumvent pro-copyright detections are found as YouTube finds ways to do so

And since it has already happened, it is a matter of time before that new filter in the form of “veiled” is detectable by YouTube and all these movies are automatically removed. It’s the same old race, with communities like r / fullmoviesonyoutube on Reddit and derivatives posting all the newly uploaded movie links.

Personally, I am not very fan from straining your eyes to watch a movie and disguising it as a bonus since it is seen completely free of charge on an instantly accessible website. Yes, it is comfortable, but I prefer to see the film in the highest quality possible even if it costs me more time or (oh, surprise) to pay for it. But there it is time to regret that initiatives such as that of Louis CK have not been extended further.

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