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this is how you can use them

23 mayo, 2021

Outlook is Microsoft’s go-to email application. After releasing dark mode on iOS, Android, and the web platform, the main novelty that comes to the service receives the name of groups, and does exactly what its name suggests.

Since yesterday, after accessing Outlook on the web, we will see, in the left menu, the ‘Groups’ section. This will allow us add different contacts to a shared group, which will save us a lot of time when communicating with recurring contacts.

This is what Outlook groups are like


Outlook groups allow us to access a shared inbox with the contacts that we have added to that group. This will allow us, in addition to communicating with them more quickly (we will no longer have to add contacts one by one, we create the group for the first time, and the rest of the time we write to the group so that all the contacts we have added can receive it) , share calendars and files, among others.

Groups allows us to access an interface in which the emails, multimedia files and calendars that we have shared with the members of the organization are grouped

The Groups interface is quite simple and easy to use. We can send an email directly (something we can also do from the traditional inbox), check the members of that group, the emails that have been shared, as well as the files and calendars, as we just told you about. We can name the group whatever we want, and add the contacts in the same way (Outlook has not made any such limitation official).


To create a group, we just have to follow the steps that we detail below.

  • In the left menu of Outlook web, click on ‘Groups’
  • Click on ‘New Group’

  • Put the name of said group, as well as a description about it (the latter is optional)

  • Add the members you want to the group (you can do it later)

Once you have created the group, You will find it in its corresponding section (Groups). After opening it, you will find the interface that we have shown you above, and you will be able to start communicating and sharing files with the contacts you have chosen. At any time you can modify the name, description and photograph of the group, as well as its members.

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