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This is how you should configure WhatsApp to make it as private as possible

27 mayo, 2021

WhatsApp It is one of the most used tools around the world, and especially in Spain. But most users install it and start using it without further ado, ignoring all the privacy options that they may later complain about. And what better time like now that WhatsApp is accessible from the web to review those privacy options?

It is not something strictly mandatory, but let’s see how we can adjust WhatsApp to be as private as possible, something that is usually only seen when there is a love triangle or when we do not want our parents to know how long it takes to look at the messages they send us.

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First of all, you have to access the Privacy settings:

  • On Android: press the Menu button and then Settings> Account> Privacy.
  • On ios: in the lower bar of the application, click the Settings button and then go to Account> Privacy.
  • On Windows Phone: in the lower area of ​​the interface we press the button with the three dots, and then we go to Settings> Account> Privacy.

These settings are the same for all platforms, and if we want it completely private we will select the option “Nobody” for Last time, Profile picture and Status. In this way, no user (even if it is in the mobile phone book, will be able to see our avatar, our status or the last time we have connected. From there we can also consult and edit the list of blocked contacts, so that they cannot see if we are connected or send us messages.

One last note: activating the option ‘Nobody’ in Last time implies that we will not be able to see the last connection time of the other users either. Privacy is a double edged sword.

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