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This is ‘My eternal favorites’, the new thing from Spotify to share our traditional songs on social networks

27 mayo, 2021

Spotify has been working on its social aspect for years, and has just released ‘My eternal favorites‘, a function with which users can select five favorite songs and podcasts to share them graphically on social networks.

In both the premium subscription and the free plan, Spotify has enabled its users to create a playlist with the content we want to share. It is one more way for both artists and users to let their friends know what they like the most.

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‘My eternal favorites’: these are the lists it generates


To create a list of ‘My eternal favorites’, Spotify explains that we will have to go to the ‘Home’ section, that is, the main part of the mobile applications, where we are offered songs to return to, our most listened to programs, charts, etc. There, A panel should appear in which we will see the text “Listening is everything. Share your eternal favorites”.

By clicking on the panel, which works as a button, we will be given the possibility to add our favorite songs and podcasts, through a search. Namely, it is not based on what we hear the most, but is fully customizable. Once the content to be shared has been chosen, we will have to choose the option to share to be able to publish the list on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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With this function, Spotify keeps digging where its other competitors aren’t too strong, and above all, showing the way to video streaming, where actors such as Netflix, HBO or Prime still do not offer the possibility of elegantly showing our friends what content is our favorites, or what we are watching.

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