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this is the Advanced Protection Program

26 mayo, 2021

Apart from the security of Google accounts, the company offers an advanced protection system for all those who are concerned about the information they keep on their devices and profiles. Is named Google Advanced Protection Program, it is suitable to protect Android devices and anyone can sign up. Plus, it’s free.

Privacy has reached high levels of concern due to constant leaks of private data. If we take into account that we register innumerable services with our accounts, we use the mobile constantly and this stores a huge amount of information in the Google account, anyone who can access it would have a copy of our life at their fingertips. Therefore, it is advisable to protect access. And Google has the solution for those who care the most about all their private information: the Advanced Protection Program.

A security system for personal accounts

Google Advanced Protection Program

The idea behind this Advanced Protection Program is to secure the personal data of those users who are at risk of be attacked to steal information. Politicians, famous people or journalists, for example; Without this implying that only the most well-known people can take advantage of the program since Google does not put any obstacles: anyone can sign up. Of course, entering the Advanced Protection Program implies some sacrifices, as we will see later.

We install a malware that "hack" our mobile: these are the permits that can be obtained without us noticing

Given that it is common to attack people who have sensitive information with malware or phishing (just remember the incident involving Jeff Bezos and WhatsApp), Google adds an extra layer of security to those accounts that request it. To do this, you just have to register for the Advanced Protection Program through this page by accessing your Google account: in a few steps you will have the extra protection in your account. The registration process and maintenance are free, but you will have to acquire a pair of Google security keys since these will be the ones that act as a two-factor or two-step security system.

Once you sign up for the Advanced Protection Program, each time you log in with your Google account, you will need one of the keys to authenticate your identity. This is not only mandatory on computers, but also on Android: since Google’s security keys work with smartphones, by applying its double authentication system Google will verify that it is really you who is trying to log in. In this way, they will not be able to steal your identity since they will not only need your user data, but also the key and fingerprint to guarantee identity.

With the advanced protection system, it will be necessary to guarantee access with a security key every time you log into your Google account.

Register a new Android mobile with the Google account, log in to an app with the same account, access the location of the device from a computer or enter all the activity that Google stores for each Android: Advanced Protection Program adds an extra layer of security so that it is very difficult to access without your authorization. Not only that, Google has added new features to the program that are specifically aimed at Android.

Google Play Protect increases your security on Android

Google Play Protect

Protect is in charge of securing the device and its applications. This protection system works in the background analyzing all the apps that we have installed on our Android. In addition, it is also responsible for ensuring the security of all the software in the Google Play store: Protect monitors billions of apps and games per day, both on user devices and in the store itself.

What is Google Play Protect, how does it protect your mobile and how to configure it

All accounts registered in the Advanced Protection Program will see Google Play Protect place greater emphasis on application security. Once inside the program, Protect cannot disconnect, making it easier to discover spyware, for example. As Google has highlighted today, Play Protect will always be active and applications are scarce; and will prevent Advanced Protection Program members from installing Apk applications, a solution against installing spyware without the knowledge of the phone owner.

The greater security of Android also implies certain inconveniences for those who install apps from outside the Google Play Store since the Advanced Protection Program now prevents it. It is a small drawback for having an account secured against unwanted access: if you need maximum security, do not hesitate to sign up for the Google program.