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This is the new Google weather information, now with more data and more visual

26 mayo, 2021

Google presents his new time experience for Android with the official launch of new weather forecast cards that we already saw a couple of weeks ago through a leak but that from today will begin to reach all users.

Now him google time offers us a lots of new informationsuch as weather and sky conditions, rain probability, weather alerts, detailed 10-day forecast, air quality, UV index, sunrise and sunset, and much more. All with a complete redesign to show now lots of color through its new tiles.

These new weather cards will appear either when we click on the Google Now weather card or when we consult the weather forecast through a written query or voice command through the search engine of the google app.



Google Weather

In the first tab Today We will see the forecast that will be throughout the day for each hour of the next 24 hours. We will see the current temperature, humidity, the state of the sky, air speed, pressure, UV index, visibility, the temperature at which there will be dew and when sunrise and sunset. For each hour we will see the evolution of the temperature.


Google Weather

For the next day’s forecast we also see the time ranging from 24 hours to 48 hours, with the forecast for each hour, with data on the state of the sky, humidity, air, UV and sunrise and sunset.

Next 10 days

Google Weather

In the forecast for the next 10 days we will see for each day data such as maximum and minimum temperature expected for each day together with information such as sky status, air speed, humidity, UV index, sunrise and sunset, and finally an hourly forecast.

Other locations

Google Weather

The google time includes a search engine that allows us to write the name of a town to check its weather forecast. Every time we look for a new place, the application will ask us if we want to save the place to more easily check the time. When you click on the search bar, a list will appear with all our saved locations.

Google Weather

Via | Google
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