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this is the new streaming platform in which TVE works for 2021

25 mayo, 2021

In addition to the large streaming platforms, in recent years those of local generalist media have appeared, which now lead Atresplayer Premium, which has recently experienced great success with ‘Veneno’, and Mitele Plus. RTVE has had RTVE Alacarta for a long time, but Fernando López Puig, head of Content, Channels and Production of TVE Programs, has communicated to ABC that “we are thinking of launching a new and different platform next year, RTVE Play, where will be Playz and the series.

The manager explains that they are “trying to unify and that everything goes in a container.” As we read in Fórmula TV, RTVE Play will host the same content that is now in Alacarta, along with its own production dedicated to this platform, without ruling out that the content cannot later be broadcast open-air. Just that model is the one that Los Javis and Atresmedia have followed with ‘Veneno’.

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This is what RTVE Play already offers in America

Rtve Play

TVE has already launched a service called RTVE Play, but at the moment it is only available in America. The public corporation promotes the service as a place to access the “best RTVE content on demand.” Of course, unlike what we already have in Spain, Alacarta or Somos cine, the service has un monthly price of $ 4.99.

That price goes for three simultaneous reproductions, and the platform can be canceled whenever the user wants. The first week there is a trial period. In terms of devices, they talk about PC and Mac, applications for iOS and Android and compatibility with Google Chromecast.

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Regarding content, they explain on the web that you can see “the latest releases of RTVE, complete seasons of series that triumphed and are triumphing in Spain and around the world, programs that marked an era, films for all tastes …“As seen on the web, the approach seems very similar to the one we now have in Spain for free.