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this is the new ‘Watch together’ on Facebook

26 mayo, 2021

Watching videos with several people is now possible thanks to Facebook Messenger: the application allows create video conferences with Facebook Watch video playback. In this way it is not only possible to see something in company despite the distances, but also to appreciate the reactions in real time.

With confinements we have learned that being far away does not imply suffering distances since mobile apps help dilute separations. It will never be the same to see someone through the screen than to sit next to that person, as is obvious, but, at least, experiences, contact and also videos can be shared. It is even possible to see something in company: Facebook Messenger has a new feature for your video conferences. Watch Together, that’s the name of the service.

With Watch together you can watch videos with other contacts

View Together Facebook Messenger Process to watch videos in company through Messenger videoconference. Facebook Images

Just as we can meet behind the TV with friends to watch a series or a movie, Facebook wants anyone to be able to share Watch content while it is being watched together. For this, it has created Watch together, a new option for videoconferences and rooms which, once activated, creates replay rooms with multiple people watching the same content at the same time.

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The first stumbling block for Watch together is that only works for Facebook Watch videos. The new option would be great for watching a series on HBO, a Netflix movie or for any Disney + content, but Facebook limits it to its own platform. Beyond here, any Watch video is suitable for group viewing with the reactions of each of the components of the videoconference.

To activate the new Watch together you must do the following:

  • Open Facebook Messenger and create a new video conference. It also works with a new Messenger Rooms.
  • When you are calling the contacts you will see that a new option of ‘View together’ appears, just below ‘Share screen’.
  • Click on the option and choose the Facebook Watch video you want. You may let you suggest by the recommendations or look for a specific video.
  • All members of the video conference will see the same video at the same time. And, if they have the camera active, you will be able to observe their reactions in real time.

The option to watch videos together is currently rolling out to Messenger, so you probably don’t have it available. Facebook ensures that it will arrive soon, check the videoconferences and in the rooms to find out if you already have it available.

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