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this is what you can do to send SMS from your PC

26 mayo, 2021

One week is what it took Google to launch the new one for all users web version of Android Messages. Now we can send SMS and chat (RCS) comfortably from our computer or laptop.

This new feature from today is available to everyone, we just have to have installed version 3.3 of the official Google messaging application, called Android Messages.


Messages for the web

Web Version Messages

To start sending SMS and chatting with our contacts through our PC we just have to open and scan the QR code from our Android device. through the app Messages> Menu> Messages for the web.

Messages For The Web

All you can do

Messages Web

The interface of Messages for the web It will be very familiar to us. since it is very similar to WhatsApp Web. The web version of Android Messages is somewhat limited, it does not have all the features of its application.

On Messages for the Web we can only share text messages, emojis, stickers and attach images, gifs, videos and audios.

What this version does not currently allow is to attach audio notes, share our location, or use its new GIF search engine. We have to have the GIFs downloaded to our PC. Nor can we block contacts from the web version.

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