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This new Chrome experiment turns your photos into (horror) music

25 mayo, 2021

Sometimes we have already told you about the many Chrome experiments that Google and third-party developers usually play with, and if today you were planning to spend the night watching a horror movie, we bring you a perfect one to give a little more atmosphere to the living room . It’s about PixelSynth, which create music from photos.

Using Javascript, WebAudio and Canvas technologies, the experiment will allow us to use one of your preloaded images or upload one of ours. The image will be displayed in black and white, and the application will start to play Synthetic sounds inspired by the ANS synthesizer Created by Evgeny Murzin in 1937.

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Don’t expect to be able to create lively rhythms or relaxing melodies, because what PixelSynth creates with our photos looks more like the typical tension music of horror movies. Even so, everything is a matter of testing, and the program even allows you to draw on the photo to add some extra notes.

It also has a configuration panel in which determine which is the scale of the sound that we want to use, the speed at which it plays, the note and octave it starts with, and the number of notes it will play per photo. The panel will have another tab with which to configure the type of drawing that we want to do on the photo.

In short, like almost all Chrome experiments, it is not a tool that we will want to work with, but one that let us spend some other time dead this weekend testing photos to see which of the faces of our friends generates the most grim and squeaky music.

Link | PixelSynth
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