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this subreddit collects some of the weirdest places and situations

23 mayo, 2021

Although Google Maps is designed to help us get to (almost) any place easily, the truth is that on this platform we can find really striking things.

The best proof of this is ‘Google Maps Shenanigans’, a subreddit in which Google Maps users exclusively dedicate themselves to collect some of the strangest catches that they have found.

Falls, animals and blurred faces

In the middle of last month they celebrated having exceeded 50,000 users, and in the sidebar they state that it has been created to post “all the interesting, funny or unusual things you see on Google Maps”.

The truth is that in recent years we have seen articles and posts on social media that show some of these captures, in which we see curious situations or places that are hard to believe.

How to make a personalized map in Google Maps with things to visit

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How to make a personalized map in Google Maps with things to visit

Below we can see the type of content that one can find on this subreddit:

Sidewalk Accidents

This seal

The Statue of Liberty censored

Image 14 8 19 9 13 Pasted

Cat also censored

Image 14 8 19 9 15 Pasted


Image 14 8 19 9 56 Glued


Image 14 8 19 9 58 Pasted


Image 14 8 19 9 15 Pasted

A dog with a desire for prominence


Image 14 8 19 9 21 Glued


Image 14 8 19 9 22 Glued

In addition to sharing captures, it attracts attention users who have posted a video in which they show the entire route that would have to be done to reach this jewels hidden within the platform.

It is amazing what people are able to find on Google Maps. If you like this type of content and you are a Reddit user, you may be interested in subscribing to Google Maps Shenanigans, a subreddit that is in full growth phase.