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this trick allows you to send images as a file by dragging and dropping

27 mayo, 2021

The Gmail website, despite having been recharged in recent years, which has led it to become excessively complicated for some users, is considered one of the best email services. And it has been like that since it arrived. In general, it is very intuitive, and it has a very powerful search engine that allows us to find practically everything that we propose.

Even so, like everything, it has sections that are not perfect. And one of them is, as we will see, the editor or writing tool. Before 2012-2013, when the newsroom interface changed, dragging an image into a new email would add it as a file. These are distinguished by appearing as attachments with an extension, rather than with the graphic image expanded. Now, when we drag an image, it is added as an image, which is very inconvenient when it comes to layout a new email (because it is worse than inserting an image in Word).

The common way to overcome this inconvenience is to press the Gmail ‘clip’ button, which means to add an attachment as a file. However, it is not something really comfortable in comparison, and there is an alternative way by dropping and dragging. The problem that is not explained graphically in Gmail, which generates a bad user experience, because there is no way to discover it.

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A Gmail option that was always in front of us


For the umpteenth time that I dragged an image to send it as a file, and instead it was added as an image, I have been researching, and there is a way to attach as file by dragging that has always been there, but that at some point Google decided to hide, and of which there is no longer any evidence in the interface.

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Telegram Applications like Telegram solve this kind of options better. Dropping images in the upper part we send as an uncompressed file, while dropping in the lower part we send as a compressed photo.

Add images to Gmail as file by dragging en as easy as dropping the file on the area of ​​the style tools buttons, attach, Drive, etc. It’s misleading, because Gmail shows no indication that something can be dropped there, but it works. Initially it was shown after the design change, but now nothing appears. In addition, it is not intuitive, because we talk about not dragging images where we are instructed to do so, with the phrase “Leave the files here”.

This trick works perfectly in all browsers and with the same behavior. That is, it is not that Chrome shows information that Safari does not, or vice versa. In addition, the file add system allows batch dragging, so you don’t have to go one by one. So, as far as I have been able to verify, there is no disadvantage in dragging the images like this, instead of attaching them from the clip button of the tools.