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This website allows you to download and discover some of the best designs or icon packs for iOS 14

27 mayo, 2021

With iOS 14, Apple has begun to open the door for users to customize some aspects of their iPhone. This is generating a kind of contagious fever that has resulted in millions of downloads and hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits for the creators of these types of apps.

If you are looking for resources or inspiration to personalize your iPhoneToday we are going to present you a website that compiles some of the most attractive designs, found through platforms such as Reddit or Twitter.

Icon packs for all tastes

Its creator is the designer Danial Siddiki, who has baptized this page as ‘iOS Skins’. It is a showcase in which we can find some of the most attractive icon packs and designs for iOS 14.

In addition to a photo and a short description, also we will find a link in which to download the icon pack. There are some paid (like the now famous ‘Traf’) and some completely free.

Ios 14 Skins

As a curiosity, we found various packs inspired by desktop operating systems, as is the case with macOS Big Sur, Windows 95 and another based on Mac OS Tiger (the latter two free).

Ios 14 Skins Windows 95

There is even a pack for the most nostalgic iOS users, taking us back to the year 2012 and iOS 6:

Ios 14 Skins Ios 6

At the bottom there are some designs that “are worth mentioning” and it must be remembered that this website has just been launched, so if you are interested in the recommendations for icon packs and designs, it may be a good idea to save it in favorites, since they will surely add more entries in the next few days.

We remember that, at least for the moment, the only official way to be able to change icons in iOS 14 is using the ‘Shortcuts’ application, creating custom shortcuts.