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This website allows you to edit and add effects to your videos in real time

22 mayo, 2021

There are many applications and online tools that allow us to edit and add filters to our photos, but the offer is reduced when we look for a similar solution for videos. is a platform that will allow us, in a very fast and simple way, upload our videos, modify them and be able to download them again to use them as we want.

No need to install anything

With a couple of clicks we can add different filters to our video (VHS, black and white, or look like an old movie) and see from the browser how the result will be in real time.

That is perhaps the true differentiating point of, since it is usually necessary to have an application installed (mobile or desktop) to be able to perform this type of task. Here we will only need the browser, and there is no requirement to create an account either.

Free alternatives to the missing Windows Movie Maker

In addition to filters, VEED allows us add stickers, subtitles, increase or decrease speed, add music, a progress bar or even draw whatever we want on top.

Window And Veed Create Edit

Once we have finished applying all the settings we want, we will simply have to apply the changes and download it again on our computer. It can be an ideal solution for those users who want to give their videos a more personal touch without wasting a lot of time in the process.

Window And Veed Create Edit

It’s totally free, but in return we will have to live with a watermark that will be placed in the upper left part of the video (it is quite discreet).