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This website allows you to enter an email in several spam lists as revenge and it is not fun at all

26 mayo, 2021

To all of us, to a greater or lesser extent, it happens: we receive spam. Most of it – in most services – ends up automatically in the folder that takes it out of our inboxes, saving us the hassle of manual deletion. But a small part manages to jump the barriers, impersonate legitimate communications and manage to annoy us.

This kind of email, the one that avoids spam filters and annoyances, is the one that it intends to send to any address provided by a service called Revenge Spam that has been listed on Product Hunt. The idea behind the peculiar web is simple and its name makes it clear: turn junk mail into revenge.

Do you have that special someone you can’t stand, but want the satisfaction of knowing that their email will be full of stupid emails? Do you have someone who won’t remove you from their mailing list? Do you want to spam spammers? Now is your chance.

Avoiding spam for $ 2.99

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How Revenge Spam works It can not be easier. Someone enters an email in the text field of the site and clicks on the “Get Revenge!” Button. When you receive the confirmation message, the address is already in the possession of those responsible for the service.

From here, as they explain, facilitate the account “to several Business different who are in charge of doing the dirty work for us “. They claim that there is no immediate spam bombing because, “after all, we are trying to get to the inbox, not the spam folder.” Whether they comply or not, they make it clear that their primary intention is to upset the victims whose addresses end up in their hands.

The website claims to have “sought revenge against” almost 70,000 people

What could stay in a service More than questionable, that it could contravene US laws or the future Spanish data protection regulations, it goes further given the two options it offers to escape it. One urges the victim to email them and, within a period of up to two weeks, they will presumably delete their address. The other, the truly scandalous, offers expedited and permanent deletion of these lists in exchange for paying US $ 2.99 via PayPal.

This kind of blackmail to the user who has unknowingly ended up entangled in the perversion of this website ends up turning Revenge Spam into an initiative that is not not curious, not nice, not imaginative, not funny. At the time of publication of this article, the website claims to have “sought revenge against” almost 70,000 people.

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