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this website and extension summarize any link or text you paste

22 mayo, 2021

Surely many will be familiar with the term ‘TL; DR’ (too long; didn’t read), an abbreviation used by the Internet to say that some text has been ignored because it was too long.

For this reason, many times (for example, on platforms like Reddit) we can find a TLDR at the end of an entry. That means that someone, even the person who publishes it, has summarized the text for those who do not want to read it in its entirety.

Summarize text or links

TLDR This is a web page that will take care of “automatically summarize any article or web page with just one click”. Its creators assure that thanks to their tool “you will spend less time reading counterproductive things” and you will have “more time to do valuable work”.

They ensure that TLDR This uses a version of the TextRank algorithm– A graph-based general-purpose ranking algorithm for Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Window Y Tldr This Free Automatic Text Summary Tool

Its operation is very simple. You will simply have to paste the link of a web page or article in the URL field and click on the green button that says “process text”. If you prefer, you can also paste the text directly.

Poolside FM, the music website for the summer that nobody asked for but that we all needed

We have been able to test it with some articles and the truth is that works quite well (especially with articles). This is what he summarized from the post we published a few hours ago about the hacker who stole Capital One’s data:

Tldr This Free Automatic Text Summary Tool

There is a way to save even more time. If you don’t want to have to visit the TLDR This website every time you want to summarize an article, you can install the extension that is available for Chrome and Firefox.