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This website invites you to create amazing sounds and animations with your keyboard or the screen of your smartphone

27 mayo, 2021

Patatap is an interactive instrument that allows us to create amazing compositions (combining animations and melodies) using the keyboard of our computer or with the screen of our mobile device.

It can be used completely free of charge, and it is amazing what can be achieved in a matter of seconds. It is a web app that was born thanks to the joint work of Jonobr1 and Lullatone.

Synesthesia from your browser

As its creators explain, “although it is easy to grasp” how it works, we have before us a “wide range of possibilities”. They assure that “Patatap’s motivation is to introduce the medium of Visual Music to a wide audience.”

“Patatap invites creators of all ages to involve the mind and the senses in a different creation process.”

I have tried the experience with both touchscreen and keyboard, preferring the second option. The physicality of the keys makes (at least in my case) more accurate with the tempo and if you keep the key pressed, it makes a sound effect (of fast repetition) that is not possible to do on a tablet or a phone.


If we press the space bar we will load a new set of sounds and animations

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Also, thanks to the keyboard it is easier to have detected which key corresponds to a certain sound or visual effect, while in the mobile version it will divide the screen into small sectors. If we press the space bar we will load a new set of sounds and animations.

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This great project seeks express a broader condition of synesthesia, in which the stimulation of one sensory input leads to automatic experiences in another. In the case of Patatap, sounds trigger colorful visual animations.

It’s great to see how each sound brings with it an explosion of colors and shapes, inspired by the paintings of Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky and the first videos of Viking Eggeling and Norman McLaren.

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There is a version for iOS and iPad OS of Patatap, designed for those who want to use it offline, although they will have to pay 2.29 euros if they want to get it.