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This website lets you create a great personalized avatar down to the last detail

22 mayo, 2021

If you ever wanted to have a profile picture created by an illustrator that you admire, you are probably going to like this place a lot, and if something like this has never crossed your mind, it is still a pretty cool place.

His name is Picrew and it is basically a site where illustrators can put together their own “character creators”, or something like create a avatar generator with its drawing style that anyone can use to create their own image.


The DJARN Avatar Generator

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First it is important that you know that this website is in japanese, so I recommend using your browser’s automatic translator to view the web in Spanish or English (which usually translates better). There is very little to read and the use is simple and very graphic.

This website increases and improves the quality of your images in a simple and free way

The second thing is that there are plenty of avatar generators and it is difficult to find one that you like and is of quality. As with any tool that can be used by any god, there are plenty of pretty bad image generators in Picrew, but there are also some great ones. That is the case of the one who made DJARN.

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Picrew offers many options for the creator to upload illustrations with the different body parts and additional elements to personalize your illustration. This is a very detailed one, with multiple shapes for body, face, eyes, nose, mouth, and skin color.

There are countless accessories and hair types that you can combine to create the style that is most similar to yours. The clothes are relatively varied and fit the size of the body. You can change the background for various designs, and you can move some parts of the body and some accessories to align them better. At the end you can download a good quality PNG to use wherever you want.

Via | Eva Cid