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This website offers us an agenda of the streaming performances carried out by artists from all over the world

27 mayo, 2021

Given the current situation due to the coronavirus, there are many events and concerts that have had to be postponed or canceled until the crisis passes. For this reason there are many artists who have taken to social media and other online platforms to offer performances to all their fans that can be seen from home.

From that trend was born the Home Concerts initiative, a website that is being dedicated to putting together a detailed agenda with how much concert online it will be happening in the next few days. With dates, times, and direct links to each event.

The website is constantly updated and new streaming concerts are added to the agenda with every hour that passes, indicating the social network where you can see it, or informing the medium or website that will transmit it, when and where.

The best websites against boredom to spend the days of confinement and escape from social networks



Online Concerts

Concerts at Home is an initiative created by those responsible for the website as a result of the situation of mandatory confinement and closure of concert halls and hotel and leisure venues in Spain, which has motivated the cancellation of all concerts and live music events scheduled until at least April 11.

David Moya, responsible for the project, hopes that the crisis will be resolved as soon as possible and we can all meet again very soon, filling Festivals, Halls and Concert Venues. Meanwhile, we will be able to enjoy the performances from home of our favorite artists.

Many of these concerts are being grouped in the form of virtual mini-festivals, such as #MantitaFest, #YomquedoencasaFestival, #VisaVis Festival, Los 40tena principals, or Coronapunk. You get information from all of them on the web, and from many more events.

You can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep you posted on upcoming announcements.