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This website shows you how much a kilometer is around your house with a single click

26 mayo, 2021

Most boys and girls are looking forward to Sunday. That day in April The measures that the Government has taken to ease the confinement to which the little ones are subjected come into force.

They may leave home accompanied by an adult for a maximum of one hour, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., without moving more than a kilometer from their homes. Faced with this reality that will accompany us for at least some time, many parents wonder how to prepare these walks properly.

Knowing that parts of the surroundings are within a radius of 1 kilometer around our home, we can prepare a walk with the children that meets the established requirements.

For this, a software development company specialized in Free GIS, prepared a website as simple as it is effective: How much is 1km?.

This website creates the longest possible walk in a kilometer around your house

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How much is a kilometer around the house?

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Use How much is 1km? it is as simple as accessing the web, scroll the map until you find the place where we live and click. When we do, a purple circle will indicate the area around us through which we can circulate accompanying our children. It has no further complication.

It is a very clear way to calculate a kilometer around the home and visualize which streets, squares and area we can move through in accordance with the regulations governing this relief from the confinement of children in Spain.

Children may leave home accompanied by an adult for a maximum of one hour, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., without leaving more than a kilometer from their homes.

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Then, it only remains to plan the route to follow with this information, always bearing in mind that we will not be able to be more than an hour on the street, the playgrounds should not be used, although wooded areas may be, they will be able to bring toys and their activity will not be limited . That is, they will be able to run, jump or exercise, as long as they follow the rest of the dictated guidelines.