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This website shows you the air traffic of the whole world in real time

21 mayo, 2021

On the Internet there are all kinds of interesting websites with information that sometimes it is difficult to believe that it is within our reach in just a couple of clicks. Some time ago we told you about a site where you could watch the maritime traffic around the world in real time, and in FlightRadar24 you can do the same but with the air traffic.

FlightRadar is a global service of flight tracking which provides us with real-time information on thousands of airplanes around the world. On the web, which uses Google map data as an interface, you can see how flights move around the globe.

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The site is quite mesmerizing, you can zoom in or out of the map to view global traffic or to look more locally in a specific country or city. You also have several view modes, including one for delayed flights.

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You can change the style of the map for several different combinations, you can use filters, you can save bookmarks, and you can do searches. The service has more interesting options that are paid, such as views of roads or airports.

You can request your own receiver to be part of the Flightradar network in your area

This website has been online for a long time and It has quite popular applications for both iOS and Android. Although it started as a project where two aviation enthusiasts just hung out for pleasure, they currently claim to be the largest Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS-B) network in the world.

Flightradar has more than 20,000 receivers around the world, and if you want to help increase flight tracking coverage, you can either follow the steps that explain how to build your own receiver or apply to be sent one of the ones they offer for free. to serve as accommodation in your area.