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This website shows you the maritime traffic of the whole world in real time

27 mayo, 2021

If you are a sailing lover, you probably know MarineTraffic, an amazing website that collects information from thousands of ships in real time to create an extensive interactive map.

I, who am not an expert in this world, have been impressed with the amount of interesting data that this platform offers. Once we enter, we will see a world map completely covered with moving ships:

Marinetraffic Global Ship Tracking Intelligence Ais Marine Traffic

One of the points that I find most interesting is that we can click on any boat and know more information about it. In this way, we will be able to know which port it has left from and which one it is going to:

Marinetraffic Global Ship Tracking Intelligence Ais Marine Traffic 2

A database with more than 550,000 vessels.

In fact, it will tell us it is running on a motor, the speed at which it travels and even what is the expected time of your arrival. In addition, in many cases an image appears that shows us its appearance.

Ports Near Me Port Locations Port Maps Ais Marine Traffic

This is only just beginning. At the top we can navigate (pun intended) through different sections. In the part of boats we will be able to see which are close to our position or even those that we have specifically saved.

We can also inspect all ports, those who are nearby and what arrivals are planned. Obviously, there is a mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, ideal for those who want to use the service while browsing.

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