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This website simulates sounds of rain, thunder and storms for when you need a different sound accompaniment

22 mayo, 2021

There are people who prefer to work (also study Or simply hang out) in complete silence, another who opts for music and the latter who seek very specific particular sounds. They can be sounds that recreate those of an office, if they are not in it, or simply relaxing, like those of a rainy day.

For those who are looking for that type of sound environment we have a fantastic website, Rainbow Hunt. They define themselves as the ultimate rain simulator and, whether or not it is true, the truth is that due to the variety of options it offers, it is not bad at all.

Rainbow Hunt, “the ultimate rain simulator”

Rainbow Hunt Ultimate Rain Simulator Google Ch

To use this website, just access it and look at the icons that we find. The first corresponds to the Light rain, the second at drops hitting a window, the third is a storm, the fourth are rain splash and the fifth are thunders. Quite an interesting variety.

This rain sound simulator allows you to combine up to five different sounds and regulate them with the intensity you want in each case.

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Starting the sounds is as simple as clicking on the different icons And the best of all is that all you want can be selected at the same time, playing with its volume. In case we want to hear how the rain falls on a window with thunder in the background or feel the storm very closely with the drops splashing next to us. The audios are very realistic.

Finally, if we want to keep the web open, we can do so by selecting, in addition, a specific background to choose between day and night. In both cases we will see the same scenario, through a glass through which raindrops fall, in which only the light would vary. Finally, if we want to stop all the sounds, we can click on Stop and the sky will clear with a beautiful song of birds.