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This website teaches you how to pronounce words from languages ​​around the world, read by native speakers and differentiating accents

22 mayo, 2021

Forvo is a super useful website if you are trying to learn a language and, above all, know how certain words are pronounced. As if that weren’t enough, these words are read by natives, and not by an artificial intelligence that could sound somewhat robotic.

When we enter the web, we come across a search engine in which to place a word and thus know its pronunciation. The list of languages ​​is gigantic and the most used are:

  1. Tartar
  2. German
  3. Russian
  4. English
  5. Spanish

Of widely spoken languages ​​not so widely spoken

Once we have entered the word we want to know how it is pronounced, it will tell us which language it belongs to, the number of uploaded pronunciations and how many translations exist of that term into other languages.

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It’s great that they come different accents or pronunciations. For example, we can see how different a word is pronounced in Spain compared to a country in Latin America.

Salado Pronunciation How To Pronounce Salado In Spanish English Esperanto

If we go to the languages ​​tab, we will see them classified according to the number of pronunciations that the platform has on each one. Languages ​​like those in the Top 5 have more than 100,000 pronunciations.

The interesting point is that we can listen (we remember, from native voice) how words from languages ​​with fewer speakers are pronounced, as can be the case of Macedonian, Scottish Gaelic, Neapolitan or Tibetan.

How to pronounce words from languages ​​such as Tibetan, Scottish Gaelic or Neapolitan

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There is also a section of guides, with the “most useful phrases” in different languages, ideal if we are planning a trip to an area where we do not speak the language.

In fact, there is a mobile application (for both Android and iOS) designed to carry it when we go on a trip. Here you will have to go to the checkout (€ 2.99 on Android, € 2.29 on iOS) if we want to consult the pronunciations without the need for connection.

Forvo Travel On the App Store

To use the web version No registration required, but if we do, we can request words that we want to know how they are pronounced, vote for the contributions of others, create a list of favorites or even download the pronunciations in .MP3.

In fact, there is a ranking of users, according to the number of pronunciations they have contributed to Forvo. It is surprising that some people have uploaded more than 3,000 recordings to this service.