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This website teaches you to make practically any type of paper plane

27 mayo, 2021

Origami in its most common state is the paper airplanes that we have all made playing with friends and family in during classes and at home, but it is an art that can give much more of itself than the simple airplanes of very few steps more common when we are small, whose designs hardly vary, due to the lack of research and the desire to compete as soon as possible with the rest to see who goes further.

To perfect the technique and to be able to manufacture many types of airplanes, there is Fold ‘N Fly, a website that shows how to manually make up to 40 kinds of paper airplanes. It teaches from the most basic models to others considered by experts as those we see in the main image.

Even in that case, There should be no problem for even less experienced origami students to be able to make the airplanes.. Any advanced design will require, yes, patienceWell, you have to abandon that mentality of speed at the time of completion of construction.

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Classification by objectives and videos


When it comes to making a paper airplane, not all creators share the same goal. For this reason, Fold ‘N Fly allows you to sort by type: distance, flight time, acrobatic and decorative. Also can be sorted by difficulty of completion: easy, medium, difficult, and as we said, expert. Finally, there is the possibility of classifying according to whether scissors are needed or not.

In addition, the website also has a YouTube channel, where it is explained how to build paper airplanes. Whoever does not manufacture them will definitely be because they do not want to.