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this would be your new gesture navigation

27 mayo, 2021

One of the most important novelties of Android 9 Pie is its new gesture navigation. Google replaced the Recent button with new gestures over the redesigned Home button, and it seems that in the next version of your operating system another button will disappear.

The guys from XDA-Developers keep filtering and discovering the next news of Android Q, and one of them would be another new gesture navigation in which removes the classic “back” button.

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Goodbye “back” button, hello new gesture navigation

The back button is a classic in the Android operating system, available until now in all its versions since Google launched its operating system in 2008, and now eleven years later it seems that we have to say goodbye.

When Google launched the navigation by gestures of Android Pie the “Back” button was already beginning to be left over, since its behavior could be replace perfectly with a gesture, and that seems to be what Google will do on Android Q.

The pre-deleted version of Android Q allows activating new gestures that removes the “Back” button from the navigation bar, and is replaced by the gesture of swipe left “Start” button. It is a very intuitive gesture once we have gotten used to the navigation by gestures of Android Pie.

Also the new gesture navigation changes the transition of switching between applications, showing in the whole now full-size apps like on iOS, instead of displaying the open windows view for a few seconds.

Surely the devices that update to Android Q allow the user to have the “Back” button as currently happens with Android Pie and the classic navigation bar. It would be the devices that leave the factory with Android Q those that no longer have the “Back” button as standard.

Via | XDA-Developers