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thousands of retro games at your fingertips

25 mayo, 2021

Nowadays the casual game has fully moved to mobile, but if you are already a certain age sure you miss some old consoles in which the pixels had yet to make way for the first polygons. Fortunately, there are emulators that allow us to recover those games.

But if there is anything better than those emulators, they are the websites that already implement them directly without us having to install anything or at least have versions of those games on another more playable platform. Let’s see some of those portals, in which you will surely find something that will awaken memories of your childhood.

List of websites with retro games to play from the browser

Street fighter
  • Game Oldies has old Game Boy, NES and arcade games, among other consoles. A good place to start looking for classics.
  • In the “Classics” section of Minigames we will find “substitutes”, but also some classic of the oldest Nintendo consoles without discrediting some Flash style games retro.
  • Miniclip is one of the best known websites worldwide with Flash games (being part of them ports classics) to hang out.
  • In GameTK there are games of almost all the old consoles, although my favorite section is the one of games for MSX.
The Maze Of Galious
  • EasyRetro is another portal full of flash games in the style retro, in which you can even register and share your achievements with the gaming community.
  • ClassicGamesArcade brings us gems like Street Fight 2, Pac Man, Commando or Final Fight ported in the form of a web application.
  • PlayR has a section with the most relevant games that have passed through the Nintendo Game Boy.
  • For the real retro, those who defend the most ancient and simple, we have Pica-Pic. The classic Game & Watch, converted into a web application for our enjoyment.
  • We ended up with the retro games database, from where we will find arcade titles that many considered already disappeared.

Image | AJ Batac
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