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Three tricks to free up RAM in Windows 10

23 mayo, 2021

RAM is one of the most valuable resources on a computer. A computer with little capacity for this software workspace is a limited machine. That is why it is so important to invest in this component when we acquire a computer and, also, to take care of it on a day-to-day basis so that continued or inadequate use may weigh on its operation.

In this article we want to explain how to free up RAM in Windows 10 using three tricks. They are simple procedures that we can use when we notice that our computer stops responding as it should and that allows us to carry out the Task Manager of the system. This will allow us to optimize the operation of the PC and make it work faster and smoother.

Three simple procedures that we can use when we notice that our computer stops responding properly due to excessive use of RAM


Free up RAM in Windows 10 via Task Manager

First of all, before proceeding to test these tricks, we must open the tool that allows us to use them, the Task Manager, pressing on our keyboard Control + Alt + Delete. A screen will open with several options and we will have to choose the one of the utility that we are going to use.

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Already in the Task Manager, we can access the tab Performance, the section of Memory and check what the situation is. Taking into account this information, we can go to the tab Processes and keep an eye on the processes that are devouring the most RAM memory.

If closing the application does not solve it, sometimes it happens, we can choose to click with the right button and click on Finish homework.

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If what is happening is that some type of application is accumulating too much information while it works, developing an inappropriate operation as Windows Explorer can sometimes have, we can check it going back to the tab Processes and, if necessary, restarting the utility clicking on the right button and clicking on the option Restart.

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Finally, an inappropriate consumption of RAM may be due to to all those programs that, for one reason or another, are starting together with the system when we turn on the computer. To stop them, we can go to each of them, search their settings and disable this function or, if we prefer, carry out this action through the Task Manager.

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To make these modifications, we must access the tab Start and take a look at the app names that run on power-up. For example, if we have installed CCleaner to clean the computer and we consider that it is not necessary to start it together with the system, we will simply click with the right mouse button and select To disable.

As with the rest of the options, we must be fully aware of the software whose operation we are going to modify and that these tricks are simply a help. If our RAM memory capacity is extremely limited, performing these procedures will probably only improve our system’s performance temporarily.