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Too many favorites in the Chrome bar? Use only its favicons to save space

27 mayo, 2021

We have already explained how to access your favorites using keyboard abbreviations (here is the Firefox example), but these types of tricks are always aimed at those who prefer to use the keyboard over the mouse. What if it’s the other way around? What if we have too many bookmarks in our Chrome bar and we want to find a way to access all of them without the need to make menus or use the keyboard?

Well, there is a way to concentrate many more favorites in that bar, and that is making use of their favicons. These small icons appear in the Chrome bookmarks bar permanently, and they already tell us which website their respective links lead to. Knowing this, the idea is to leave only those icons and get rid of the text.

Chrome Edit Bookmark

Getting it is simple: just edit each of the favorites (or just the ones we want, we can always combine) and delete the name they have. Contrary to what many believe, this does not give an error or cause the marker to be erased. It just stays as a favorite with no text, only signaled by its favicon.

Unfortunately we can not do the same with the folders, so that we will not be able to do the same trick if we have a large number of them in the bookmarks bar. Also, be careful as deleting the text from each bookmark means that it will also be deleted from the bookmarks menu. Therefore, it is best to do this when we are very sure of what we have in that bar.

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Prevent before cure: backup your favorites

It costs very little to make a backup copy of our bookmarks before applying this trick, in case after doing it we regret it and want to go back. For that we go to the menu Markers and click on Bookmarks Manager. A viewer of all our favorites will open (also accessible from this link), and in the menu Organize we can click on Export bookmarks to an HTML file to keep them safe.

Just above that option we have the option to Re-import the markers, in case we want to recover the old ones that we had before. Experiment, keep everything safe and keep what you like the most.

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