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Top 50 Free Online College Courses, According to Students Who Have Already Taken Them

27 mayo, 2021

The folks at freeCodeCamp, one of the best online platforms to learn to code for free, have published an article on their Medium blog in which compile 50 of the best free online courses that can be taken all over the web according to the reviews made by those who have already taken them.

This list comes from combining the annual compilations that they have been making in Class Central since 2016. In case you do not know, Class Central is a platform that is dedicated to indexing the best free online courses made by universities around the world and also allows users to write reviews about them.

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In Class Central there are thousands of reviews and thousands of courses, and that amount can sometimes be overwhelming for the user. Hence the idea of ​​this list, one that will also be updated on a regular basis depending on the courses that are added and of course, the number of reviews.

Free Online Courses

Courses from prestigious universities around the world on various subjects that have been rated with the highest score by students who have already taken them

Not a single course has been chosen that has less than 35 reviews minimum and they have also left out courses that may not be offered again. So it is a pretty good and reliable list that you can subscribe to from this link and even receive notifications when they update.

You will find courses on multiple topics ranging from quantum mechanics to cartography, through programming and design to languages ​​and poetry. From universities like Harvard, platforms like Coursera or edX.

Complete list of courses | freeCodeCamp in Medium – Class Central
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